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Real Business. Real Technology. Really Smart.

A Functional, Practical Magazine for Informed Professionals who Develop, Acquire and Implement the Intelligent Utility.

For 13 years Energy Central has been delivering the daily news to the electric power industry. In 2004 we assembled a team of award-winning editors and journalists to launch EnergyBiz magazine with fresh reporting, analysis and a new perspective on this 100-year-old industry. And now, we are doing it again with Intelligent Utility magazine launching its inaugural issue in January 2009.

Intelligent Utility will provide utility professionals with the tools they need to develop a smarter grid and more intelligent utility. Each issue of Intelligent Utility will focus on the practical application of smart grid technologies from a real-world perspective through case studies, best practices, interviews wth those at the forefront of intelligent utility technologies, and analysis of current trends, issues and events. Don't miss a single issue of Intelligent Utility!

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